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Embark on a journey, together

At Last We Go is a cinematic adventure game for two players, in which you share your life energy to traverse a magical world. Take in the atmosphere as you and a friend journey to the afterlife as two stranded souls.

Two souls are making the journey to the afterlife. When an accident happens, they fall to the ground and are lost in the world between worlds. The warmth of their touch is the only thing that can help them find their way again.

Imagine Film Festival x Studio Schubdier

At Last We Go was developed for the Imagine Film Festival 2021 by Studio Schubdier, a team of 3rd year students from the HKU. At the time of the festival from April 7 to 17, the prototype was called Apart.

Studio Schubdier:

  • Douwe Heijmerink
  • Febe de Vos
  • Job Elfrink
  • Joeri Ridder
  • Tim Peeters
  • Tim Verberne


At Last We Go is a game for PC. Two gamepads are required to play. The build can be found below!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsImagine Filmfestival, Joeriri
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Co-op, Fantasy, Multiplayer


At Last We Go | v1.0 417 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip, unzip it and run AtLastWeGo.exe inside.

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